Organization of Hungarian Industrial Maintainers introduction

Introducing Magyar Ipari Karbantartók Szervezete (Organization of Hungarian Industrial Maintainers )

Magyar Ipari Karbantartók Szervezete (Hungarian Abbreviation: MIKSZ) was founded by persons involved in industrial management, service and equipment distributors, and university education, all of whom are engaged to improve the domestic maintenance profession.

Our aim:

Constant development of the maintenance and management of our members’ assesses, concerning that

    • it is of strategic importance to enterprises and the national economy, as far as competitiveness and sustainability is concerned,
    • and it also increases environmental and work safety.
    • All of this significantly improves
    • Hungary’s competitiveness,
    • the national spread and strengthening of technology- and knowledge-intensive industrial activities,
    • sustainable development,
    • protection of people and the environment,
    • and finally, it results in a better quality of life.


The directors of sections and Committees carry out their activities in their own field, but the membership may take part in any professional sections or event. This means that as far as membership is concerned, the operation of the organisation is coherent and interoperable at will, although the directors of sections and committees aim for a specific field of work.

During the year of formal foundation (2012) the activity focuses primarily on sharing professional knowledge and experience in maintenance, which is carried out in form of newsletters and presentations at professional events uploaded to MIKSZ’s website ( On an annual basis, we plan on

  • organising 12-18 professional days,
  • supporting 6-8 scientific work (diploma, TDK, PhD),
  • peer-reviewing 4 foreign professional conferences,
  • uploading 1,000 pages of professional material to our website,
  • recruiting 200 members,
  • taking part in 2 national trade fairs.

Even though we had improved a lot by the year 2013-2016, and our aim is nearly achieved (100 members and 1500 pages of professional material), we still cannot rest, as the recruitment of members and the upload of high-quality professional materials to our website continues. However, this year we must set new aims for our organisation, we continue the deployment of our Strategy.