51st ESReDA Seminar – the 2nd Call for Papers

51st ESReDA Seminar on:

Maintenance and Life Cycle Assessment of Structures and Industrial Systems

October 20th – 21st, 2016, Blaise Pascal University, Clermont-Ferrand, France


The Life Cycle Analysis of structures and infrastructures is a challenging topic, where reliability, durability, robustness and resilience have mandatory roles, in addition to economic and political considerations. The life cycle involves all events and operations occurring during the structural lifetime, such as design, construction, testing, use, degradation, inspection, monitoring, maintenance, repair, failure, and recycling. The life cycle management implies not only optimal design of structures and systems, but mainly the degradation handling through monitoring, inspections and maintenance interventions. The random environment and operating conditions that structure can meet during its lifetime make the deterministic predictive models insufficient to fit the safety and reliability requirements. Therefore, the life cycle management should take into account the uncertainties and variability all over the life span and for the whole system, including electronics associated to mechanics or hydraulics. There are therefore real needs to balance conflicting requirements, such as cost, performance, safety, reliability, etc., taking into account non-technical issues such as organisational or financial parameters related to design, use and operation. The above aspects are targeted by the ESReDA project group ROLCCOST: “Reliability-based Life Cycle Cost Optimization of Structures and Infrastructures”.


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